Homemade Lens Mechanics

Mechanics: Connection To The Camera

The mechanics involved in making lenses is often more challenging than the optics. But you have lots of options. One possibility is to go for a reusable, interchangeable-parts approach.

Old style macro extension tubes, such as a set of Nikon K rings, provides a shortcut. One side of the K2 ring mounts to the camera and the other side has a thread that fits 52 mm filters. This 52 mm thread is a convenient standard to use for quickly connecting multiple lenses, spacers, focusers, and diaphragms into a working lens (and then disassembling it for the next experiment).

Here is a 75 mm lens along with some aperture rings. Note that the achromat was friction mounted (thanks to a layer of masking tape) to three 58 mm rings that were recycled from some junk filters. A 52 to 58 mm step up ring allows this lens to fit my 52 mm standard.

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